Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodbye Weekend!

It was a great weekend! Here is a lowdown of what occurred during my weekend:

- Ate pizza at Pepper's.(one of my fav's!)
- I tackled Mt. Washmore.
- Started gathering things that will be for sale at the garage sale.
- Visited with my sisters.
- Visited with other family members.
- Cooked my first chilli.(is it with one or two l's?)
- Ate some s'mores.
- Had a bonfire.
- Bellydanced.
- And last, but not least, RELAXED!

Next weekend should be even better, since it will be a 5 day weekend thanks to Fall Break!
But I'm really not looking forward to Monday.......


  1. lol @ Mt. Washmore.
    I'm too intimidated by it to tackle it lately.

    Must have been a chili kind of weekend, Philip cooked one too, although I had to miss out or I'd have been doomed to some wicked heartburn.

    Hope to see ya'll maybe on your 5 day weekend!

  2. Cute blog!

    Bellydancing sounds like a lot of fun, especially mixed in with the other activities. It sounds like an awesome weekend.

    I'm your newest follower.

    <3 Jessi @