Monday, September 27, 2010

I Give a Hoot on a Monday!

I am a teacher. That explains a good bit of how Mondays go.
So after a million "Mrs. Thompson, is this right? What do I do next? Hem at 3 inches? Seriously, I have to rip out these stitches?", I am pooped by the end of the day to come home and be a mother, a cook, and a housewife.
But today was a little different. Well, for one this is my 2nd blog in 2 days! *Gasp!*
I came home to find out my friend and her triplets she gave birth to are all doing great!
The weather is so nice without the humidity! It was actually great sitting outside!
And then.....there was more!
I participated in a mail swap at Our Life: Narrated by Lacey, and I received my SURPRISE!
I was sooooooo happy! Check out the goods!
How cute! I had a whole box of goodies!
But then, there was more! I ordered a necklace on Saturday, and that was waiting for me too! Check it out!

Awesome, right!
And then my son asks me for a drink, I ask him what would he like, and got no answer.

I guess his day was exciting also!

And a huge thanks to Stephanie at Tart Deco! You made my entire week!!!!!!!


  1. YAY! I'm glad you had fun. You got some great stuff.

  2. Hey, I just received the package you sent me today! I loved it! =] I've never read this book before, so I look forward to it. Thanks so much!

    Love the gift you got as well. The lady who I sent a gift to liked owls too.


  3. You are so welcome! Let me know how you like it! I tried finding you, but didn't succeed! So I'm glad you found me!