Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where Do I Begin With This?

So, I am having a hard time of starting with this.
Where do I begin?
Well, I guess starting to introduce my family would be a good start. But then that makes me think of pictures. Unfortunately (and shamefully), we have never taken a family picture. I've decided to take care of that; we are getting some done on Saturday.
But, now here is the hard part: what to wear?!?
Should I do the whole "matchy" thing? (where everyone wears the same color tops and bottoms)
Or should we "match", but without wearing all the same thing?
Suggestions are welcome (if anyone is even reading)!


  1. Ya'll haven't taken any in three years, and I have to take them at least once a year...I can trade places with you if you want! You'll have some good fammily pictures in a week!

  2. color schemes work. Like all warm but still different colors. Or cool colors. Or you could do something fun and unique like a blue/orange combo or...geez, my mind is at a blank. I'm trying to remember all the color schemes I taught in FACS I...LOL. Regardless, I'm sure y'all will look great!