Monday, September 27, 2010

I Give a Hoot on a Monday!

I am a teacher. That explains a good bit of how Mondays go.
So after a million "Mrs. Thompson, is this right? What do I do next? Hem at 3 inches? Seriously, I have to rip out these stitches?", I am pooped by the end of the day to come home and be a mother, a cook, and a housewife.
But today was a little different. Well, for one this is my 2nd blog in 2 days! *Gasp!*
I came home to find out my friend and her triplets she gave birth to are all doing great!
The weather is so nice without the humidity! It was actually great sitting outside!
And then.....there was more!
I participated in a mail swap at Our Life: Narrated by Lacey, and I received my SURPRISE!
I was sooooooo happy! Check out the goods!
How cute! I had a whole box of goodies!
But then, there was more! I ordered a necklace on Saturday, and that was waiting for me too! Check it out!

Awesome, right!
And then my son asks me for a drink, I ask him what would he like, and got no answer.

I guess his day was exciting also!

And a huge thanks to Stephanie at Tart Deco! You made my entire week!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Conclusion!

I have come to the conclusion that I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with this! To find the time, well, it just doesn't happen often!
But I will make an effort to post more often!
I will make an effort to post some pictures up of my family!

Oh, by the way, to my "followers" (hehe, sounds like a cult, or something), family pictures were postponed due to Cy having a bo-bo by his eye, and my husband looking like a raccoon from his weekend at the racetrack. And I did decide to go with some type of color scheme (Thanks Lacey) with our clothing as opposed to wearing all the same thing. I think that will be better so that we can be more expressive with our clothing to match our personalities.

Until then, which I will make an effort to be soon, take care!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sometimes, Gotta Learn the Hard Way.

Let's just say, lesson learned.
Always buy a mattress protector. Always.
We didn't. I said "There is no reason for that. We don't allow Cy to sleep in our bed, so, we shouldn't have any reason to put one on."
Well, since J is out of town for the weekend, that seemed to have made Cy a little uncomfortable to go to bed last night. So, about 10 minutes after tucking him in, he comes in my room. I decided I would invite him in my bed for a "camp-out."
3:45 A.M.
He wakes up, calls for me, and tells me he just peed.
Changed him, my sheets, got him a new "ducky", soaked up pee with towel (as much as possible), threw it all in the washing machine, and went to get some more zzzzzz's before 5:00 came around.
I am going to right now to buy a protector.
And now I need to borrow my mom's upholstery cleaner to clean the stinky pee spot out of my bed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where Do I Begin With This?

So, I am having a hard time of starting with this.
Where do I begin?
Well, I guess starting to introduce my family would be a good start. But then that makes me think of pictures. Unfortunately (and shamefully), we have never taken a family picture. I've decided to take care of that; we are getting some done on Saturday.
But, now here is the hard part: what to wear?!?
Should I do the whole "matchy" thing? (where everyone wears the same color tops and bottoms)
Or should we "match", but without wearing all the same thing?
Suggestions are welcome (if anyone is even reading)!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sooooo, this is new!

Hello all! This is all really new to me! I've read many blogs, and decided to begin my own. Hopefully, I can keep up with it in the midst of my crazy, busy days!

I am collecting a huge array of hobbies, and would like to share some of the things I have done.

I would also love to share my family life with all of you!

Those of you with children, you know there is never a dull moment!

I look forward to starting this new endeavor! Thanks!