Monday, February 14, 2011

What I Got?

Of course my symptoms start on a Friday.
Wound up leaving work to come home.
My attire has been my pj's.
My diet has consisted of water, gatorade, cereal, toast, crackers, motrin, and delsym.
My hunger comes in spurts, but it doesn't take much to fill.
I've used a whole big box of kleenex.
I cringe everytime I cough because it hurts so bad now.
My nose is so plugged, I couldn't smell the cookies my hubby baked last night.
My fever has not gone under 100 since Friday, with the highest being 102.8.
(Too close to 103 for my comfort)
But what sucks is that when I get to go down, the sweating causes me to get hot, and start coughing.
Damned if I do, Damned if I don't.
So, What I Got?

I'll let you know the answer after 2:45!
(That's when I got an appointment.)

After Appointment: Well, it isn't the flu (like I thought) thankfully.
Just a nasty sinus infection.
Hopefully I'm on my way to getting better.
My son is missing his Mommy.

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