Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Finds!

So it's a Friday morning,
the sun is shining,
and I am off of work still for our Mardi Gras holiday.
And I had the urge to go thrifting.
Look what I found!

I hit up 2 of our local thrift shops: Goodwill and The TARC Cedar Chest.
Just for knowledge, TARC stands for Terrebonne Association for Retarded Citizens.
It is an institution that was developed in our local area for mentally challenged citizens by a couple in 1952 who's daughter suffered brain damage from a high fever.
They create jobs and teach skills to the people so that they can live fulfilling lives.
When I have stuff to donate, I drop it off at their store instead of Goodwill, and I frequent often to shop.
Any little bit helps!

Anywho, I spent a total of $16.61!

At Goodwill, I got:
The bird cage candle holder for 2.99.
The other bird thing (not sure what to call it!) for 1.99.
A shirt and pair of shorts for Cy for 1.99 each.
And a shirt for me for 3.49.

I cannot guess what this would be, but I plan on finding some bud vases and putting flowers in it.
Besides, I just couldn't pass up the cute little bird!

Then at The Cedar Chest, I found:
A school uniform shirt for Cy for 1.50.
A race car book that you put a picture of your child in for the faces of the characters for $ .10
And the two bunnies were $.75 each.
I couldn't pass up the cute couple!

So here are my finds! I think I might start making the rounds once a month to see what treasures I find!
Have a great weekend!

EDIT: Duh! It's a condiment holder! And the freckin' bird came off! Super Glue to the rescue!

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